• Tips and tricks to make yourself marketable and get hired

  • Overcoming barriers and how to deal with labels

  • How to disclose information regarding your disability to your employer/ potential employers

  • What accommodations are, and how to go about getting them.

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Resume Critique

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For over 100 years, Dale Carnegie Training has been helping people realize their full potential. Discover skills to help you shine brighter and approach your career search with confidence!

Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Attending your first job fair, or your first one in a long time?  Read these top tips for attending a job fair in our Custom How-to from Stacy's View

Nebraska Department of Labor -  

Career Center in Omaha

5717 F Street, Omaha, NE 68117

Heartland Family Service's Career Clothing Closet is able to provide an interview outfit and an additional work outfit for no cost to help men and women gain the professional clothing they need for their job.

  • How to sign up for our Internet site to find jobs: NEworks.nebraska.gov.

  • Flyer of programs available on Mondays and Fridays at our Career Center at 5717 F Street.  Includes: Resumes, Networking, NEworks, Interviewing.

  • Information about our Veterans Services.

  • Information about our Twitter, & Facebook, and new NEworks app.  

  • New training grant available for people interested in working in Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics or Transportation (JD- NEG program). 

  • Information on preparing a resume in the Resume Builder on NEworks. 

  • Information on what companies are hiring within the industry you are interested in working.

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Micro-Workshops - Check schedule for which workshops will be offered at each job fair.

How to Make a Good First Impression 

Nine Tips for Increasing Your Likability and

“Wow-ing” an Interviewer

How to Converse with Confidence

Ask the right questions to show interest and prove that for you, a job is more than a paycheck

How to Use Body Language to Your Advantage

Carry yourself with Confidence and Credibility to get interviewers on board with you

How to Sell Your Personal Brand

What to Say to Position Yourself to Get the Job

How to Follow-up with an Employer

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Community Options Employment Services are designed to assist individuals with disabilities in securing meaningful employment that focus on each person's interests, skills, and previous work or volunteer experience. Community Options will also work with clients to provide the supports needed to maintain their employment. Many clients are able to become employed within 30 days of the first meeting. We have established many positive relationships which have enhanced our ability to obtain successful employment results.