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Hi Kathy,
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to provide some feedback on yesterday's job fair.  I meant to speak to one of your reps before I left, but I had to go take care of other business. In a word we found the event to be excellent!  We are exploring several avenues for adding to our potential employee pool, and haven't had tremendous success in the past with job fairs.  Your event was extremely well organized, very well attended, and we believe we got excellent results from participating.
We tracked meeting with about 110 potential employees, took in about 20 applications for employment, and conducted 5-10 interviews. Those results far exceeded our 

expectations. I wanted to reach out personally to say thanks, and keep up the good work!

Kenneth  "Stew"  Stewart, , Marketing Director

Vocational Development Center, Inc (VODEC), Council Bluffs, IA 51503

JobsGuide, LLC, Recruitment Services, Omaha, NE

1-4pm • Comfort Inn & Suites • 70th & Grover